94,608,000 Seconds

“1,095 days, 26,280 hours, 1,576,800 minutes, 94,608,000 seconds – the amount of time spent, so far, as the wife of the kindest, funniest, most giving (insert every other positive superlative here) man I’ve ever known.”

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Crab Mentality

“There’s a theory of human behavior called crab mentality. If you put crabs in a bucket, one of them will eventually attempt an escape, only to be pinched by the crabs at the bottom and dragged back into the pit. Humans, it turns out, are not all that different from crustaceans.”

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Past Me, Present Me, and Future Me

“What I’ve come to realize is that it’s not a betrayal or a failure to admit hey – this really is not for me. If anything, it’s brave to step beyond what one knows and find a new passion. ”

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Peas and Potatoes

“Realizing this particular character trait (flaw?) has hindered my productivity as a writer and reader has propelled me to push myself outside of my comfort zone – to try blending my peas and potatoes. ”

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The Amalgum

“It’s okay that, for me, being a teacher is not enough, and it shows my students that dreams don’t end when you sign a job contract.”

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“Personal growth requires discomfort and change, breaking oneself down to transform into something or someone new.”

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“My head

is out of the sand and into the sky.”

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Silence Speaks

” If you lifted the top of my cranium, words would spiral out, or, perhaps, break free like butterflies in a box. I’m a communicator, which, at times to others’ dismay, has helped me sift through relationships, determining which ones have depth and which ones divide… So – as a communicator, when I’ve fallen silent, my silence speaks the loudest.”

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an Allegory of Absorption

“We’ve all heard the Greek myth of Narcissus – the beautiful man who was so enraptured with his own reflection that he couldn’t look away”

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Written in Ink

“Look, I don’t need a band-aid

I need you to clean up my amputated limb here.”

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