94,608,000 Seconds

1,095 days, 26,280 hours, 1,576,800 minutes, 94,608,000 seconds – the amount of time spent, so far, as the wife of the kindest, funniest, most giving (insert every other positive superlative here) man I’ve ever known. I’ve said it before, and I will repeat it each year; my husband is my lottery in life, my fortune. The world is a better place because he walks the planet, and my faith in humanity persists because I know if he exists, there are others out there just as good. Although not every one of those 94,608,000 seconds has been full of joy, he has spent each of them doing anything humanly possible to bring a smile to my face and ensure I know I’m loved and supported.

I could wax poetic about my husband for 94,608,000 more seconds, but I’ll try to keep it succinct (I said I’d try, okay?) Here are 10 of my favorite experiences in our third year of marriage.

1. Merry in Mexico


What better way to start the third year of marriage out well than on the shores of the Riviera Maya? We spent our days blending adventure and relaxation in a lush, tropical environment. Traveling alone with my husband is always a wonderfully isolating experience. Sitting on the beach, toes in sand, hand in hand – everyone we know and any problems we face thousands of miles away. If the adage is true that how you begin a year spirals throughout the rest, I should have known right away this year would be a treat.

2. Magic in the Mountains


We spent the week of the fourth of July in the mountains of New Mexico visiting my sister and her husband, exploring vastly unique terrains – from the top of mountains, to the desert valleys, to the depths of caves. We watched the sky explode with fireworks over Sierra Blanca at the Inn of the Mountain Gods and spent quality time drawing closer with them both for the first time in years. Little did I know, at the time, how much we would all need each other in the year to come.

3. Meeting Muppet


Adding a new member to our suburban zoo was, perhaps, the best decision in the past 1,095 days, 26,280 hours, 1,576,800 minutes, and 94,608,000 seconds. After the cat we adopted together during our first year of marriage, Olaf, decided to love me much more than my husband, we got him his own kitty, and love him she does. Her face is flat, and she can’t quite meow, but she is full of personality and has the fluffiest lemur tail. She’s spunky, smushy, and keeps us both smiling.

4. Hiding out from Hurricane Harvey


Hurricane Harvey, as a whole, was a horrific experience. So many people, including those we know personally, lost their homes and had to rebuild. Despite the tragedy and heartache, it still makes my list because of the quality time spent together during this hard time. There’s something about natural disaster that makes you hold each other tighter and appreciate each other deeper. Even seeing the stores stripped of supplies didn’t prepare us for what was to come. We were fortunate that we only lost power for a while, which forced us to spend time in solitude together. We played board games, cooked gumbo out on our driveway, and made the best of the worst.

5. A Dark and Stormy Night


This year, we began a Halloween tradition in our new home. We made a miniature Thanksgiving dinner, dressed in comfortable Halloween costumes, and watched all of the classics – The Great Pumpkin, Nightmare Before Christmas, Hocus Pocus… The weather supported the haunting atmosphere, with rain pummeling down and thunder erupting with lightening flashing. I thought we would certainly be left with pounds of Halloween candy, but I learned that trick-or-treaters are resilient.

6. Escaping Adulthood


Sometimes, you just need a break. Although we intended to have the typical beach trifecta when we booked a quick getaway to Galveston, we decided to do a lot of nothing instead. We swapped out the five-star dinner for a pizza and cheap champagne and traded the fancy clothes for fluffy robes. This low-key time together allowed us to rest and make time for meaningful conversations that we wouldn’t have had time for without the R&R.

7. A Cozy Little Christmas


This year, we spent Christmas morning in our new home for the first time. We  decorated wall to wall (much too early, might I add, but that’s okay), and we also completely spoiled each other with presents. We have always gifted things to one another, but we made sure there was plenty under the tree for each of us this year. We know that this won’t be something we can do forever, so we truly went all out. We sat by the fire, watched Christmas Vacation and the Disney Christmas Parade, and took turns opening our presents. It made for our best Christmas together yet.

8. Achieving new Accomplishments



This was a year full of growth for the both of us. My husband won the MVP award for the district he teaches at, and I couldn’t have been happier for him. One of the (many many many many) things I love about him is his humility. He never desires the spotlight and, quite frankly, does everything he can to avoid it, which never works out. His greatness is always discovered sooner or later because he is, well, great. I love watching him receive well-deserved accolades and blush because even though, outwardly, he pretends to hate it, I know it feels good deep down. I love celebrating my husband!

And he loves celebrating me, too. When the opportunity for a new job knocked on the door, he was adamant I reach to answer it, even though it meant a substantial paycut for the both of us. He was more than happy to say goodbye to some luxuries for a while and support a new career path that can help me achieve my goals and increase my overall happiness.

9. Disney til’ you Die


This past week, we went on a vacation with our family. For many of them, including our niece, it was their first trip. Although it was not our first (second, third, etc) trip, it was the first time we experienced the magic of Disney through a child’s perspective. Watching our four-year-old niece react to everything – smiling, laughing, crying, at times – made for one of our all-time, absolute favorite vacations.

10. the Same, Sweet Smile


This one doesn’t boil down to a single moment or experience, but it has been omnipresent each of these 94,608,000 Seconds. This is one of my favorite pictures from our wedding day because it is candid. It was my first time to twirl and ask my husband what he thought of the dress I had kept carefully hidden from his view all of these months. He leaned back and studied me the way he continues to look at me every day of our marriage. It wasn’t one day of romance, that day three years ago. It has been 1,095 days, 26,280 hours, 1,576,800 minutes, 94,608,000 seconds of true love.

Happy anniversary to my sweet!

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  1. Julie Peters says:

    Absolutely love this!


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