Perfectly Imperfect, like my lawn

It has been a while since I last opened up this piece of metal and let my fingers illustrate my subconscious, but it isn’t forgetfulness that has caused this time lapse. I’ve been aware of the laptop looming in the corner, but until today desire has lurked beneath other, more pressing needs, cresting today with a sudden wave of inspiration.

Fall is a busy time of year, as I adjust to the new routine, new students, new curriculum, new everything. It takes a while to acclimate, but, with all of the stress it can bring, it is also a nostalgic, joyful time of year.

My fall favorites this year:


1. Renaissance Renewal

Each year, the hubs and I take a break from reality and travel back in time at the Renaissance festival. We eat fair food, get a drink by the yard, and explore the days of yore. Stepping into a world of fantasy is our favorite thing to do. I appreciate any business that is committed to making fantasy a reality. We all need a break from the real world every once in a while.


2. Hanging with my Hero

Sometimes, the only break from adulthood I need is to curl up on the couch with Spiderman. Embracing our inner-child is something we take pride in. I may not be a fan of super hero movies typically, but when I told my husband I would partake if he found a way to make them fun for me, he did not disappoint. He won, and we have been binge watching Marvel movies (and I may be enjoying myself more than I thought I would). This new-found fall tradition is quickly becoming a favorite.


3. Basking in the Beauty

In Texas, we know heat and humidity too well. There are few times a year where being outside is actually enjoyable, but when fall first peaks through, it is delightful. I use the opportunity to take my waddling potato, Charles, for much needed exercise that, on a normal Texas day, it is just too hot to accomplish for both of us.


IMG_0913 4. Preaching Passion

I tried to avoid blogging about anything teacher-related because my goal is to reflect on life outside of work, but I have to add teaching Julius Caesar to the list of things I love about fall. I am such a Shakespeare nerd, and I dig deep trying to make the passion contagious. This year, we did a Julius Caesar CSI lesson, and the kids loved it. I also dressed up as Julia Caesar (okay, it’s actually a Cleopatra costume, but it still works) while we acted out the play with silly props and costumes. Even teenagers in high school appreciate a little extra effort towards their education.


5. First Fall Fire

I look forward to certain moments each season. In the spring, I love to sit out on my deck and read. In the summer, I read by the pool, and in the fall/winter, I read by the fire (basically, I just love all seasonal reading). When the first cold front moved through, I couldn’t wait to light a fire, pour a glass of wine, and read by the fire. Muppet, who is growing like a weed, thoroughly enjoyed her first catnap by the fire as well(if you can’t tell.)


6. Fluffier Flat Face

I love watching Muppet grow. Not only is she growing physically, but the fluff is real. The top picture is her in September, and the bottom is from this month, November. In just a short few months, she has transformed from short-haired kitten with some serious ear floof to a complete fur-ball of a mini-cat. She has blended into our little furry family so well, and it is hard to remember life before Muppet. Her catstagram is still up and running, with quite the following, might I add.


7. Terrifying Traditions

Ross and I try to make each holiday special and festive. This year, we spent a very spooky, stormy Halloween carving pumpkins while watching The Great Pumpkin in our lazy costumes (a Spiderman hoodie and tiger onesie). We cooked a “mini-Thanksgiving” dinner and watched Halloween movies. Despite the crazy weather, we even had a few trick-or-treaters. Have I mentioned how much I love having a husband who is a kid at heart?


8. Seasonal Strangers

Living in a suburban forest is a complete juxtaposition of wilderness and cookie-cutter suburb life. Each season brings new creatures into our backyard, and I feel like a real-life Disney princess. Sometimes it is a specific breed of duck, sometimes it is cardinals and bluejays galore; this season is particularly lovely because we see more deer. This year, they even decided our back yard was the perfect place for a nap.  I never tire of seeing which new face the season will bring.

IMG_1330 (1)

9. Tag-Teamwork

One of the things about fall in the forest that I both love and hate is yard work. During the warmer parts of the year, the work is minimal, and my husband usually takes one for the team. In the fall, however, it is a 2 person (or more) job. Each week, a new blanket of leaves and pine-needles covers the ground. We spend the first part of our Sunday sharing in the responsibility. Although it is hard work, being outside reminds me to be thankful that I have a yard to tend. Spending time with my husband working on the yard is time well spent. Our yard always ends up looking perfectly imperfect, but I’m proud of it, regardless. I think we learn year to year how to tend it a bit better. I always feel accomplished when we are done, and we laugh as the next band of wind knocks down leaves to take the place of the ones we just raked away. It’s almost metaphorical. Nothing is ever perfect. Everything requires cyclical tending and nurturing.

Speaking of perfectly imperfect, my writing is a bit rusty; I’ll admit it. A few times while writing this blog, I found myself at a loss of adjectives. But – it is better to have written this blog, imperfect and all, than another day having not put my ideas on a page. Until next time, readers.

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