Dancing Demons

A blank text box, heart racing, fingers typing – highlight, erase, rinse and repeat.

But I don’t have an angle..

What if people read this?

What if they don’t?

How can I spin my life into something more interesting than simplicity: working, and loving, and living?

Maybe I don’t want to.

Maybe there is an angle in the mundane and ordinary, the wandering thoughts of an aspiring writer.

All of these demons dance in my head, stopping the flow of ideas.

Do you think you’re a poet laureate?
Do you think you’re special?
Do you need to be special to write?

Enough, already.

I will breathe words onto this space – collect and immortalize my thoughts, my rants, my dreams, my boredom, excitement, inspiration. I will bleed onto the keyboard. This. is. who. I. am.


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